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Who is behind this website?

Surfing the website

> Themes and sections
The website is organized into themes.
All of these sections are listed at left.

> News
You can access all the current news from the home page in the News theme.

> Calendar
You can access all the current events from the home page in the Calendar theme.

> Search
At the top of the screen, you can access either the site's internal search engine (via Search).

> Other languages
In the bottom left corner of the screen, you may choose your language version of the website: French or English.

Display and print web pages

> Display
The display corresponds to the number of pixels shown horizontally and vertically on your screen. is optimized for a display set to 1024 x 768 pixels.

You can configure your computer (Windows) to set the screen as follows: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings.

> Search engines
The search engine is software that allows you to display web pages. The latest generation of search engines, (version 4 and later) offer optimal search capabilities.

To download Internet Explorer free of charge

To download Netscape free of charge

> More tools

To view files in PDF format, you need to download Acrobat Reader (free of charge)

To view Flash animation, you need to download Flash Reader, (free of charge)

> Print
The Print icon in the top right corner of the screen displays the page in a printable format and directly opens the Print window.

Optimize your searches using the internal search engine

> Directly in the search field

To search for a word or expression, enter the terms in the search field, separated by spaces. Lower and upper case, singular and plural, masculine and feminine variations need not be entered.

For a more advanced search, you can use comparison words such as AND, AND NOT, OR.

For example, a search for the words "vert" and "jardin":

- Green AND Garden will return texts with both of the words green and garden.

- Green AND NOT Garden will return texts with the word green but excluding pages containing the word garden.

- Green OR Garden will return all pages mentioning either green or garden or both.

Please feel free to contact us. Find your specific contact for technical questions, suggestions for the site, in "Contact", in the Information section.

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